SusDAT: Data miracles for SUStainability

We combine experience from Industry with knowledge from Academia for solving challenging problems.


What we do

We are implementing our knowledge into smart cloud systems for monitoring, reporting and reacting to the given data. We help companies and public organizations to work smart with their data to achieve their sustainability goals. Our concern is energy, health, safety, security and resilience optimization. ​We are using machine learning methods for data evaluation and decision-making.

Our focus

Industrial automation
Computer vision
Image analysis
Deep learning
Data ingestion
Computer simulations
Cloud computing
Edge computing
Task automation
Mobility network optimization


Experience of our team

Our team comprises developers and data scientists in artificial intelligence, data mining and image processing. We have a wide experience with international projects focused on using smart technologies to solve difficult problems.

Computer vision

Security and defence projects focused on creation of anti-drone solutions based on visual and radar data evaluation.

Decision support systems

Creation of Commander’s software tool for effective planning of combat operations with quick commander support for the right decision-making in challenging situations and quick comparison of different solution options of tactical tasks.

Sustainability simulations

Computer simulations using various methods to predict the behaviour of complex systems, such as prediction models of populations with degenerative diseases.

Machine Learning

In our projects, we are using various machine learning methods for data evaluation and anomaly detection.

Remote control systems

We combine the design of hardware solutions together with custom control software. We create a custom hardware and designated software for remote control.

Image analysis

We develop and test algorithms and solutions for image analysis enabling automatic detection and classification.



News EssenceLine
Another successful cooperation

We are proud to announce another successful cooperation - this time with Swiss-based company KOKORO Lingua, providing unique and proven foreign language education to 3-8 years old children. So far with 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 (BTW subscription to videos is a great Christmas gift 🎁).


Here are the words of visionary CEO of KOKORO Nathalie LESSELIN about our cooperation:

"SusDAT s.r.o., Richard CIMLER and his team, are a fabulous partner to work with. They are efficient, reliable, and worked in record time, supporting our multiplatform development, increasing its efficiency."


Many thanks for this opportunity Nathalie LESSELIN! The cooperation continues!

News EssenceLine
Cooperation with Betthera

We are excíted to announce a new cooperation with company Betthera!
Betthera helped us prove and show the benefit and socio economic impact of machine learning methods for data evaluation and anomaly detection.

News Metal
3D printer calibration system

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Trilab – A Prusa research company, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, in the development of hardware for 3D printer calibration for their new 3D printer. Working together, we will enhance the precision and reliability of 3D print, ultimately improving the quality of the products produced. Our team is honoured to have the opportunity to work with Trilab, and we look forward to delivering innovative solutions to the 3D printing industry. We will keep you updated on our progress in this exciting endeavour.

News Metal
Metal sorting solution

SusDAT developed with other industrial players a concept (HW + SW) for metal sorting. This new approach will enable the metal scrap sorting, its valorisation and therefore a circular approach to all metal products. We are on a mission to an increased recycling rate of ferrous metals, precious metals and critical raw materials

News Amires
Cooperation with Amires

Our team has a wide experience with projects and cooperation within different consortiums. We deliver our solutions across Europe and Globally. Our aim is to participate to development and innovation projects from Horizon Europe and similar. We are happy to announce our cooperation with the consulting and business innovation company AMIRES.

News EssenceLine
Joint Research and Development with EssenceLine

We are developing advanced features for biochip analysis device together with EssenceLine s.r.o. This product is sending image data to a cloud system for detailed evaluation. Results are presented to users online a in web portal. Joint research will be focused on new diagnostic tools encompassing biochip technology, microfluidics, quantum dots, and new automatic systems of detection applicable in point-of-care sites, including regular examination rooms and ICUs.

SusDAT presentation

If you want to know more about SusDAT just click on the following image to get our presentation.


Akademika Heyrovského 1178/6, 500 03 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
ICO: 17836760